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Crucial things you must do

Actually, LCD monitor repair is easier than repairing a laptop.There are a good many things that can go wrong with a laptop, but fortunately, only a limited number of things that can go wrong with an LCD monitor. So, if your laptop's LCD happens to be malfunctioning, and you want to try your hand at LCD monitor repair, here's how you go about it. The first thing you need to do, obviously, is to check where the fault lies. We're assuming that you haven't dropped the laptop and cracked the LCD right across, or broken it into pieces, in which case there's a very obvious cause to your LCD screen not working.

If you really have done something of this sort, then you need to replace the LCD screen, period. It's not possible to repair physical damage to an LCD screen that is of this magnitude. Even a replacement can be cheaper if you do it yourself than if you hand it in to your local repair technician. However, this articles deals with actually repairing things that might go wrong with your laptops LCD screen. Let's say that you woke up one morning and found that your laptop came on and booted up, but that the screen remained dark.

There might be any number of reasons for this, but the first thing you need to check is whether the screen is getting feed from the motherboard. Take a powerful light and hold it up to the monitor while the laptop is booted up. If you can see the desktop, the motherboard is functional. Now you need to power down your laptop and carefully disconnect the power cables. After the power is off, open up the laptop's case so you can get at the LCD inside. Be careful when you open up the case. Though the case is held together primarily with screws, there is also a hidden catch inside most monitor casings that is extremely difficult to release. If you must use a lever here, make sure it is of plastic.

Also, I must underline the fact that you must be careful when releasing this catch and prying the halves of the casing apart - a great many hypothetical do-it-yourselfers have broken their laptops' casings at this point. Make sure you don't join their number. Once the laptop is open, all you have to do is check the bulb that provides light to the screen. If this is spoiled, replace it. That's all it usually takes to get a screen up and running, and LCD monitor repair is rarely more complex than this.

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