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Dealing with the biggest problems

Knowing everything about LCD monitor repair isn't going to help you if you break your monitor. Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your LCD monitor is for it to crack, or worse, to break into pieces. This can actually happen, and has happened to perhaps thousands of people around the world, but that is hardly likely to make you feel better when it happens to you. However, you shouldn't despair, because it is still possible for you to repair your laptop at a reasonable price. Well, the price can be reasonable if you do it yourself and don't haul your machine in to a repair center, where the price for a repair job can be quite unreasonable at times.

If you're willing to try your hand at repairing your laptop yourself, then you can save yourself quite a lot of money. But if you're thinking of actually repairing an LCD screen that's cracked across or (worse) broken into pieces, you can just forget about it. These things just don't happen in the real world. Once your LCD screen has suffered such serious physical damage, it belongs in the junk. However, you can still save a good deal of money on replacing it.

You can save money on repair costs if you do the LCD monitor repair yourself instead of handing it in to a repair shop, and there are other ways to save money as well, which I'll go into a little later.

One thing that you need to do before anything else is to get your LCD monitor open. This might be a little more difficult than it sounds and involves a little more than simply unscrewing some screws. Oh, the screws are there, all right, but even after you remove them there's a horrible catch hidden within the casing that's very difficult to remove. Please be careful here or you'll end up with a case that's broken just the same way your monitor screen is, and you don't want that.

After you've opened the case carefully, make a careful note of the make of the monitor LCD, and then try to find a working model second-hand on ebay. If you can find a working model with a seller with a good reputation, buy it. You stand to save a great deal of money this way. Once your replacement arrives, take photographs of all the connectors before disconnecting them, and then disconnect the damaged part and put the replacement in its place. Voila, your LCD monitor repair job is done, and your laptop is back in business!

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