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Dealing with water damage

So this article is going to be all about LCD monitor repair for water damage. If you spill liquids or water on your laptop, there's very little that can be done to retrieve it most of the time. However, if the liquids were only spilled on the LCD there is a far greater chance that you may be able to repair the laptop. This is true even if the LCD has suffered a complete failure and is no longer working. This is because there is a very limited amount of things that can go wrong with a laptop's LCD.

Yes, water damage is a serious problem when it comes to LCD monitor repair. However, with just a limited number of things that can go wrong with the device, there are just a limited number of issues that you need to check out. When liquid gets into a monitor it tends to short out the various circuits within it. The same thing happens when liquid get into your laptop, with the only difference being that your monitor is more repairable, whereas in the case of the laptop there are all sorts of circuits within the device that can be irreparably fused or damaged.

In the case of the monitor, however, there are only two main circuits, the video board circuit and the inverter. Locating the fault in these circuits is actually a job for a repair shop. The only way you can possibly do it yourself is if you have a friend who owns a laptop of the same make which he is willing to lend to you to check whether different parts and the circuit are working. Now you need to open your monitor's case, which is always a delicate operation, so be careful that you don't damage the case in any way. This is a lot more likely than you may think, because manufacturers use a system of clips to hold the pieces of the case in place, which means it's not just a question of undoing a few screws.

Once you've undone the screws it's a question of checking out the various circuit boards that run from a monitor. There are two main circuits within the monitor, the inverter and the video board, as I mentioned before. You need to check these boards for any sign of burnt or damaged components. If you see any sign of damage, you know that the board needs to be changed. This is a fairly simple job. Simply acquire a working replacement board of the correct make and replace the damaged one. As you can see, LCD monitor repair, even for water damage, isn't that difficult to do.

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