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how to fix a faulty pixel

With the price of LCD monitor repair and laptop repair in general being what it is a person today often might choose to just live with a problem they have with their laptop or its LCD, so long as the problem isn't too serious.

A fixed and faulty pixel generally falls into this category. If you have this problem with your LCD, you know how irritating it can be. There will be a little bright or dark spot on your screen that stays that way no matter what you do. You may try rebooting the laptop or even flicking the spot with your finger, but nothing helps. The spot just remains in place, supremely oblivious to all your efforts to remove it.

You may visit your local LCD monitor repair technician, and he may suggest a complete replacement of the LCD screen, something you are absolutely not willing to do for such a minor problem. Finally, you just decide to give up and live with the issue, even though it irritates you tremendously. Well, the good news is that this is a problem that is easily resolvable, and better still, it is a problem that you can easily resolve on your own. It may take a little skill and luck, and a little trouble, but it's well worth the effort.

There are several ways of fixing this issue and you should try them all and see which works for you. Don't be disheartened if one technique seems to fail, but go on to try the others. After all you have nothing to lose. These methods will not damage your LCD, and may well solve your issue with the faulty pixel.

There are some special software dedicated to this issue, one of which is JScreenFix. These are the easiest way to fix a pixel issue, and you should try them before anything else. If they work, well and good, but if they don't fix the issue there are other methods that you can try.

The second method to solving a pixel issue is by the application of pressure. Place a soft cloth on the screen directly over the pixel while your laptop is powered down. Then apply pressure through this soft cloth to the area of the screen containing the faulty pixel. Use a pointed object, but press down through the cloth. Try to press down upon the damaged pixel itself, and, while pressing down on the damaged pixel, boot up the computer. This will often solve the problem with the damaged pixel that's all it takes to do some LCD monitor repair.

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