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How to repair inexpensively

The main problem with LCD monitor repair is how much it costs. What with the cost of replacement parts and the charges that the technician adds in, you end up spending a small fortune, so much so, in fact, that many people choose to just replace their laptops when something goes seriously wrong. This usually costs them more, of course, than a repair job would, but on the other hand, they get themselves a new laptop for the price, one well within the guarantee or warranty period, and one that they don't have to bother their heads about for some time to come.

This attitude is understandable, of course, but wasteful. Why should you get a new laptop when you have one that might perhaps have something relatively minor and easily repairable wrong with it. This is even more important when the fault involves your monitor screen. It's always preferable to go in for LCD monitor repair when something goes wrong with your screen. This is because LCD monitors are rarely too far gone to repair - unless, of course, they happen to break into several pieces. If your monitor has broken into several pieces, then I'm afraid you'll have to scrap it. But you can still save a lot of money, even if you have to do that!

What you need to do is to go to your local laptop repair shop (or several repair shops) and ask them if they happen to have a non-functional laptop for sale that is the very same make as your own, and which has a working LCD screen. If they have one for sale, see if they are willing to give it to you cheap. Cheap, in this case, means cheaper than the cost of a new LCD screen. If you haven't already done so, open up your damaged laptop and check the make of the LCD screen, and see what price the manufacturer is offering it for.

The chances are that any screen (or even a damaged laptop) that you buy second hand will be cheaper than that. Then all you need to do is to replace your screen, taking the necessary precautions, such as notes and photographs, to ensure that you do it right. If your screen isn't damaged, it becomes even easier to repair it, with most LCD monitor repair jobs only requiring that you replace a bulb or some capacitors, an easy enough job if you're any good with a soldering iron.

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