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How to solder capacitors

A lot of people seem to feel rather intimidated at the thought of trying their hands at LCD monitor repair, but actually basic, and even advanced laptop repair, including repairing the LCD, is not really that difficult or complex. Of course, if you happen to have dropped your laptop or have cracked or broken the LCD in any way, a replacement is probably your only option, but if your problem with your LCD is not this serious, the chances are that you can repair it fairly easily and quickly, and perhaps without needing to have recourse to a repair shop at all.

The core of LCD monitor repair is a little cylindrical device with a flat top called an electrolytic capacitor. An electrolytic capacitor is an electrical storage device and these little devices are what actually power your LCD screen. When one of these devices blows, your LCD begins to malfunction, or may stop functioning altogether.

However, an electrolytic capacitor is not the only thing that can go wrong with a laptop LCD screen. An apparent problem with your laptop LCD screen could have a much simpler cause. For example, if your screen were suddenly to become very dim, it isn't necessarily a capacitor issue. Of course it could still be a capacitor issue, but it is far more likely that it's actually an issue with the cold cathode light that provides illumination for the screen.

Yes, one of the causes of a malfunctioning monitor is simply a bulb that has been fused, or become dim over time. Of course, replacing this bulb is not a simple matter, but it isn't something that's particularly complicated either. The first thing you need to do if you're going to try to repair your laptop yourself, is to acquire the manufacturer's own maintenance manual. Getting your hands on this is no big deal, as it is often available for download on the manufacture's own site.

Acquiring the manual will ensure that not only will you make less mistakes when dismantling your laptop and putting it together again, but also that you will have a more accurate mental picture of the different components that make up your laptop, allowing you to repair it better, and to diagnose faults more quickly and accurately. Once you acquire the official manual, LCD monitor repair is usually a simple enough matter.

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