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Installing a replacement from another Monitor

One nice thing about LCD monitor repair is that if your LCD were to be ruined completely (and that does happen), you can find a replacement quite easily, and at a reasonable price. The best place to look for a cheap replacement is at your local computer repair stores. This is because these stores deal in damaged goods, and they may well have a laptop for sale that is no longer working, but which has a working LCD. This sometimes happens. Sometimes a person spills liquid on to their laptop, and then they take the laptop in for repair. Sometimes it's repairable. At other times, it's not.

When it's not repairable, the person concerned might ask the repair establishment if they can try to sell the laptop. Now sometimes, in a laptop of this sort, everything else may be damaged, but the LCD may still be in working condition. Computer repair stores themselves often buy such laptops from each other, and if they have one available, should be willing to sell one to you as well. Once you've bought the other laptop, you should get its case open. Removing a screen from its casing is no easy job, as perhaps you know.

The best thing to do is to practice opening a screen on the damaged laptop before you try it on your own laptop. Once you get the hang of it, you can then go on to open your own laptop's casing. Once you have the casings open, it's just a question of disconnecting the two screens and interchanging them, in itself a rather simple job so long as you take a few reasonable precautions. To the right of the screen you'll find a cable that must be disconnected, as well as a wire for grounding.

Not all laptops have the grounding wire, but some of them do. Both the grounding wire and the cable that leads to the motherboard need a lot of care when you go about disconnecting them. Don't be afraid to take a lot of notes when you try to do any LCD monitor repair and even to take photographs should you think it necessary. If your screen was broken, be careful not to cut yourself. Also be careful to remove any shards of broken glass from the laptop itself.

Now, simply interchange the screens, and your LCD monitor repair is done. That's all that it takes, and it is a simple job that need not cost you a fortune if you do it yourself.

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