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The inside of an LCD Monitor

There are all sorts of components inside your laptop and its LCD screen, and if you're having some problems with your screen and are thinking of some do-it-yourself LCD monitor repair, it's important that you understand what all the components are and what they do. The first things that you need to know about are the connectors. One of the most important connectors inside your LCD is the connector that brings the feed in from the video card. Another important connector may connect the inverter to the cold cathode light that lights up the screen.

Please note that in some makes of laptops, this light can actually be attached directly to the inverter card that powers it, but on other laptops there's a connector bridging the two. There will also be a connector bringing power to the inverter circuit itself. Before you disconnect any connector inside your monitor or laptop, be sure that you make careful notes about its position, and also photograph it carefully, if possible. I greatly recommend making photographs of the connections before you disconnect anything, if you're trying to get the hang of LCD monitor repair.

Even if you can't take photographs for any reason, make sure that your notes are adequate to the task of enabling you to rejoin all the connectors correctly. Make marks near the connectors themselves if necessary to prevent any errors. You must not underestimate the importance of all this advice, because connectors can look very alike one another and it's quite possible for you to get the connections wrong. And if you do, the damage to your laptop could be incalculable. Or at least, it could be damage that you hadn't calculated upon when you started to repair your laptop. Remember that you should avoid this sort of incidental damage, because often enough, the only problem with an LCD monitor is a malfunctioning backlight.

If this is the case with your LCD monitor, carefully remove the bad light and buy a good replacement for it at the same power from your local electronics store. Make sure that the component you buy is the best quality that you can obtain. This is very important in a world where manufacturers seem increasingly to use the worst quality available. Also, you don't want to have to repeat a repair job too often. Once you obtain the replacement, just put it in place of the damaged light. The same goes for the capacitors. These usually can be a problem due to low quality, and are at the heart of most LCD monitor repair issues, but fortunately, replacing them is easy.

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