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Tracking the changes you make when doing repairs

You might be surprised to hear this, but knowledge alone is insufficient when it concerns LCD monitor repair. The simple fact is that no matter how well you understand LCD monitor repair, and how many books you read on the subject, you still need one other attribute if you are to be successful at it. Yes, you may have read a lot of books, and may even have done a training course or two on the subject. You may have gone through online tutorials as well, as well as watched YouTube videos.

Nevertheless, you can still make mistakes, and those mistakes could well prove expensive.

So how do you limit these mistakes? One of the simplest ways to reduce the number of critical errors when you go about LCD monitor repair is to make careful notes of everything that you do. This leaves nothing to chance. If you unplug a connector, make careful notes as to its position and settings. Better still, take photographs. In this age of digital cameras, photographs are an excellent idea, because they give you an unmistakable record of the state of the different components inside your laptop before you touched it.

You should take careful photographs of all the components involved at every stage of dismantling your laptop. This careful record will stand you in very good stead when the time comes to put it together again. It will show you where every single component has to go. And will ensure that when the time comes to put your laptop together again you're very sure about the placement of the various components.

But you shouldn't rely upon photographs alone. Take notes upon something as simple as where the different screws go in your laptop. Many laptops use screws of many different types in their internal configuration and something as simple as this is where you are likely to go wrong in reassembling your laptop.

So play things safe, and make notes of all your actions. Remember that something as small as a capacitor replaced with the wrong polarity can cause serious issues for you later on, or the very least ensure that your repair job is unsuccessful.

If you have made careful notes, and if you have photographic records, you will be able to not only avoid errors in putting together your laptop but will be able to trace an error in your LCD monitor repair job should one such arise.

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