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why monitors fail so often

If you have a lot of experience using laptops, you may have noticed that a great many users need to consult a LCD monitor repair specialist a year or so into using their laptops, and you may well have wondered why this should be so. The answer actually is rather simple. Many of the laptops today use internal electronic components that are really very substandard.

For example, if you know anything about monitor repair, you also know that the capacitors are usually the first component to go. You would think that manufacturers would react to this by installing better capacitors. But in reality, it doesn't work that way at all. For some reason, manufactures are installing capacitors that are extremely substandard.

Many of these capacitors are so low in quality that they can only stand about a thousand hours of use, which is exactly why so many LCD monitors fail so early in their working life. Did you know that an LCD that is repaired by a conscientious person who really cares about what he is doing will rarely give capacitor trouble for the next five years. This is because good quality capacitors last up to eight thousand hours, and are unlikely to give trouble in all of that time. This is one thing you need to remember when you engage in laptop or LCD monitor repair.

Always use better parts than the manufacturer provided, preferably the best parts that are available to you. Do this, and each repair job will be a source of considerable satisfaction to you, because you know that you will never encounter that issue or problem ever again. Most electronic components are relatively inexpensive, but since you are using the best parts, you should, as a matter of course, be careful of how you use those parts.

Many capacitors can sustain serious damage if attached incorrectly to the circuit, that is to say, attached with the incorrect polarity. Make sure that you take precautions to ensure that you do not do this. You should take pictures and notes of your monitor circuit board, and so ensure that you get the repair job done right. These precautions are easy enough to take, but they can prevent any number of complications, and as such are highly recommended.

You'd be amazed at how much of LCD monitor repair depends upon simple considerations like this rather than upon anything very complicated, and ensuring that you get these precautions right will prevent a great deal of disappointment when you attempt LCD monitor repair.

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