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Why opening the monitor's case is the hardest part

Many people find this hard to believe, but getting your LCD monitor open can actually be the hardest part of LCD monitor repair. This is because manufacturers don't really make these cases to open. I don't know whether this is because many monitors these days are made in China. I do notice that many Chinese toys operate on this 'non-openable principle'.

Though it's not necessarily fair to blame the Chinese - it's just as possible, and even likely, that this irritating phenomenon was put in as part of the original design. I notice that there seems to be a tendency among manufacturers of computer equipment and even software to treat users like technological ignoramuses, and to give the user as little opportunity as possible of repairing his own equipment.

You may wonder why I have spent so much time talking about this, but it's something you'll understand if you try your hand at LCD monitor repair. You'll find that the case does not simply come apart when you unscrew the requisite screws. Instead, you'll find that the case is actually held together by a catch as well, and that this catch is almost impossible to release.

In fact, I would advise you to be extremely careful when you go about releasing this. This is actually the point when you are most likely to do irreparable damage to your laptop. I would seriously advise you to download and read the manufacturer's maintenance manual carefully to prepare yourself to do this job right. I would also seriously advise you to go to YouTube and check out a few tutorial videos that show exactly how to open your kind of monitor case. Only after you have done these things should you attempt the physical operation of opening your monitor case.

Generally speaking, if you get past this stage, you'll find that the rest of the job of repairing your monitor is actually relatively easy, and even fun if your hobby is electronic repair. There are tons of tutorials on the net that will fill you in on the details of LCD monitor repair, but in short, the issue is usually with the capacitors, and these are a snap to replace if you're a dab hand with a soldering iron. As a matter of fact, there is a consensus among many laptop repair specialists that opening the monitor's casing is really the hardest part of LCD monitor repair.

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